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     In presenting this nursing care service, our sincere desire is to provide care that is client centered and to provide our clients with dignity and respect at all times. Crown Care will deliver personalized care because we recognize that each individual's needs are unique. From the first day of service, an individualized plan of care is formulated by you and your significant others, together with your health care team. Your primary care physician remains actively involved with your care and kept updated of your progress by the nurse. During the care planning process, your health care team remains cognizant of your health care and safety needs. The care teams at Crown Care understand that you, not the caregivers, will always be the single most important person on your team. You will be allowed to set your goals and to be active in all decision making for your heath care needs.

     Crown Care Inc. is a nurse owned and operated Health Care Firm established in 1998. The owner, Judy Harney, a care driven , and quality focused nurse was challenged by a question posed to her by one of the clients that she provided with homecare. That client asked "who will take care of me when my benefits runs out? . When coverage for her homecare was terminated, she did not have the necessary skills, knowledge or strength to take care of herself in her home. The inability to answer that question led to the desire to provide a homecare service. That unanswered question led to the vision that is now Crown Care Inc. a nursing care provider company. We will always offer skilled, competent and dedicated care.

     In 1998, Crown Care opened its services to clients primarily in Essex county, but shortly thereafter extended the service areas to include several surrounding counties. Clients were cared for in their home, assisted living facilities, nursing home and in skilled care units. No assignment was too small or too big. We took on whatever the client's needs were. Crown Care is proud to have partnered with the Veterans Administration to provide services to many veterans who wanted to remain in their homes. In addition to providing assistance with activities of daily living and other personal care by the home health aides , the nurses at Crown Care provided skilled nursing care to our clients in their homes. The very dedicated nurses and nursing assistants were able to assist many skilled facilities with staff relief when there was a shortage of nursing staff.  We supplemented many facilities with a group of nurses who were highly skilled, well trained and dedicated to positive patient outcome. I am thrilled that part of our legacy, was to have provided safe, successful staff relief engagements to nursing home, assisted living facilities and other care facilities. We look forward to continue to offer the same services with dedication, commitment  and excellence in care to our clients.

     The administration of Crown Care takes pride in the personnel that provides services to our clients. Through thorough screening, all employees are carefully chosen before they are matched to the client. Staff are well trained, licensed and bonded. We offer caregivers and nurses who are dedicated, caring, compassionate, competent and experienced in Home Care Nursing. At Crown Care we understand that to provide quality homecare and nursing services, we must be flexible. Our staff is always willing to adjust to meet the needs of our clients. Our flexibility extends to all aspects of our care needs.


  • Experienced in Homecare
  • Experienced in Geriatric Nursing
  • Experienced in Skilled Nursing
  • Experienced in a Wide Range of Nursing Skills
  • Cleared To Work By a Physician


  • No Criminal Background
  • Clean Drug Screens For Illegal Drug Use
  • Been Trained to Provide Care with Dignity and Respect
  • Had Pre-employment Physical and Cleared to Work by a Physician

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Home Care Services

Certified Nursing Assistant-CNA
Certified Home Health Aide-CHHA/HHA
Certified Medication Aide-CMA

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